1. so i just got my first caramella from eBay in the mail today! it has beautiful placement, but i wasn't expecting it to be so big... i was planning on using it for a cosmetics bag for my zucca, but i was wondering what everyone else is using thiers for
  2. It's big? Oo... would you mind taking a picture of it next to something? Now I'm really curious~ if I had one, I'd definitely use it for cosmetics, too~
  3. I thought it's pretty big too, but I still used mine for little amount of makeup (lipgloss, lip balm, eyelash curler and mascara).

    I've read that some use it as a clutch.
  4. [​IMG]


    it looks smaller next to my zucca, but its almost the same size as my dolce
  5. Wow, that's bigger than I thought, too~ Using it as a clutch would definitely be adorable :yes:
  6. The dolce could work as a makeup bag too, I think.
  7. I put random crap in mine and shove it in my bags lolz...well my bigger bags anyway.
  8. lol i had the same issue when i first got one. i even posted the same question :p you can search for it if you want.

    i had a cosmetics compact, several lipglosses and a lipstick, some chewing gum, & a small bottle of aleve in mine. now i just keep things in the zipper compartments since they never get any use.
  9. me too! haha.. one caramella for makeup.. the other for the random crap so it doesn't get lost in the bag! LMAO!
  10. lol i tried your idea and put in all that random stuff that falls to the bottom of my bag - works perfectly! :tup: still a little big, but i figure i'll get used to it. now all i need is the matching denaro with the lil pirate ship...
  11. silver skyy, we have almost twin Pirata Zuccas. And that Caramella is to DIE for, I love the placement on it!

    I have a super-fake black camo PG "caramella-ish" bag that I use for the photos and business cards I carry around, my little notepad, etc...but I still long for a "real" Caramella...

  12. I use my caramella inside my purse for all my makeup.
    I also use it as a clutch sometimes using the strap from the amazing! :tup:
  13. you are so lucky to have an angioletto! sadly i used to have a caramellina but my puppy mistook it for a chew toy :cry:

    i thought about buying some chain and making a strap for it and turning it into a dolce wanna-be
  14. Oh no silly puppy!! At least your puppy has good taste!
    You can also use the strap from the portalefino or whatever it's called to carry the caramella :idea:. Is yours totally trashed?
  15. it was a few months ago so i trashed the entire thing without thinking to save the strap.

    thats a good idea about the strap from the porta, i attached the strap to the zipper pull and it works pretty good. i just have to be careful not to let it come unziped if i wear it out like that