Caramella Size???

  1. Hey so my friend and I were talking and I really wished they made a clutch shaped bag...cuz i don't carry much stuff, yet I don't like the little bags they have out like the dolce..i don't like having bags right next to my armpits haha...

    so i was thinking how a caramella would work in terms of a bag..and i could make a handle to attach so it would be a clutch!!

    can you guys post pix of the inside? of holding it? how much does it hold?!
  2. it can hold my tokidoki wallet and my phone or digicam :biggrin: and lip gloss and there's room for other thingies... can hold my ds lite if i don't put my tokidoki wallet in it

    but it seems a bit weak to attach a handle to it? it's not very wide either.

    hmm you could try, never know!!
  3. Here is a pic of the inside of one of my caramellas. I think it would make a good clutch !:yes:
  4. Here is a pic of the stuff that I keep inside but there is more room left for other things too.;)
  5. You can fit a lot in a carmella. I thought it would be the size of a clutch looking at the measurments of it. Good to know. Maybe I will consider one down the road. Good pic.
  6. I also ask this in another thread, what do you use caramella for? other than makeup bag or clutch? I'm still unsure of what I should use my caramella for.
  7. You could use it as a pencil case. Put all of your pens, pencils, little paper, calculator if you carry that, stuff like that. That way you don't mark your bags and it is easier to find them.
  8. I have that same hair pick. How funny!

    Woo hoo. I'm getting my first caramella soon!! I ordered a pirata one. I know I'm going to love it! Thanx for the pix.
  9. oooh thanks so much!! i will definitely get a caramella in the future!
  10. I used to call the caramella a pencil case. When I saw it for the first time that's what it reminded me of!! Now I use it to keep all my makeup in inside my purse but I :love: the caramella!! I'm thinking of using one for coupons...what do you guys think?? I don't like how it has the cord inside w/the key loop, I've thought of cutting it out but I'm too nervous to do that!!
  11. I :heart: the Caramella but it's so expensive for this little pouch and it always remind me of the free pouch bag that comes with the regular lesportsac bags... so I couldn't justify to get one... but after seeing you guys having one, which sort of make me want one too :nuts:
    This is definitely addiction and "peer influence" after joining the forum :graucho:
  12. i dunno i think caramella shows off good amount of print..if i can get away with JUST an amore caramella..that'll be a miracle! n a huge saver on my wallet! but somehow i doubt i'm gonna stop at one bag >P
  13. im too scared to get the caramella, i mean, over here they are the same price for the dolce and I would rather have that
  14. I thought you wanted an amore zucca :graucho:

  15. lol i never said that! i JUST got a pirata zucca..i think i'm done with the zuccas! i'm aiming for..bambinone, dolce, canguro, corriere...or gioco...trying to stay on the cheaper side...but hey..if i can't get my print placement, might have to upgrade to bigger bags lol