Caramel VS Argent

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  1. that's saddle and not caramel, eh? and they're so different! what's YOUR preference? and maybe tell us why if you wish to take consensus so we might be able to help you eliminate or choose?
  2. Thank you.
    I like Argent for the color, but I prefer the saddle leather.
    What do you think about the argent leather ?
  3. oh, i like the argent leather and color best....that is just me though.

    which would go best in your daily life?
  5. i have recently got an argent work and i absolutely love the colour.. its a neutral colour and i found it can go well with everything my wardrobe. both are totally different as to me as the saddle is a warmer tone while argent is cool. i would say argent as i got it but you have to sort of baby it as it can get dirty quite easily. i have only used it a few times and there is some dirt marks around the corners of the bottom.
  6. I've got two little girls and I think that argent is going to be quickly dirty.

    What do you think about Sanguine. It can be a good compromise ?
    Sorry for my bad English, I'm French. :tdown:
  7. decide which color works best with your wardrobe
  8. Argent is great for Spring and Summer!
  9. Im loving the argent !
  10. Me, I went for the Argent. But with kids...I'd definitely go Saddle. I have an Argent PT that I LOVE---I used to have both Argent and Saddle PTs. I gave the Saddle to Mom. The Argent leather was much more delicate and the Saddle was more "sturdy." It had a great "mailbag" look that was right for Mom's lifestyle and less so for mine, as---in this particular bag---I was looking for something I could carry for business.
  11. I like the Argent but agree that it might get dirty. If Sanguine is your other option I like it better than the Saddle.