Caramel RH Day on SALE at Holts (Sun., June 3)

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  1. Marked down from $1,150.00 to $779.00 at Holt's Yorkdale,in Toronto. Also, a black make-up clutch marked down from $545.00 to $379.00 If you're interested, PM me and I'll send contact # and SA name.
  2. I wonder if they would ship to the U.S....
  3. Not positive, But I can't imagine why not.....
  4. I was at Holts at Yorkdale today. They have a City (brown - i think its Truffle), Shopping (brown - not sure which brown), and 2 Weekenders (grey & black) on sale as well. All about 30% off original listed price.

    I am wondering if anyone has been to Holts on Bloor and if they noticed any Work on sale?
  5. I called holts on bloor today, the SA said there's a black and brown (i think it's truffle) work on sale!
  6. Thanks phylao! I'll go check it out this week!
  7. Wow. That's an amazing discount.
  8. unchan
    you better call...i don't think they will still be available in the weekend! good luck to you. the price is 999 as i was told! :biggrin: