Caramel purse'05 !!!

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  1. the color is gorgeous!
  2. This is a beautiful bag with amazing leather from a WONDERFUL pf'er! Someone should snag this before it gets away!
  3. Damn, I love this colour! Good luck ET.
  4. I was totally going to snag this, but after re-reading the description, THERE'S B-BAG DAMAGE that's been repaired! I think I can see the tear in the pictures... even so it's a beautiful color. :crybaby:
  5. actually that tear is infamous, cause it was repaired SO WELL!!!!!!!
  6. ^^Yeah, I agree. I remember that whole thread and how great that repair turned out! I couldn't even tell where the tear was! This is a really good price!!

    Good luck, ET!
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