Caramel or Black for the Money (wallet)?

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Which Money? Caramel or Black?

  1. Caramel

  2. Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi, I am looking for the money (and a mini compagnon). I've admired caramel for a while but don't have any Bal accessories yet.

    Would caramel be an OK colour for a money or would it show stains, scratches etc too easily? The other alternative for me is black.

    I'd love to know what you all think.
  2. I voted for black, IMO a darker color is better for something that will be handled a lot. But actually caramel would be good too, shouldn't show dirt too much.
  3. Thanks Lori.

    While I love caramel I am tending towards the black as well. It's such a classic, versatile colour and I'm planning on using this for many years to come! I think my current wallet is about 6 or so years old (not a Bal one).
  4. I voted black as well, for the same reason. I had a similar issue earlier on this week (sahara vs. violet vs. black) and i ended up choosing the violet because I don't want tto be seeing grubby fingerprint/oil/etc stains all over my wallet.
  5. voted for black...pretty much timeless and will hide dirt way better than caramel.
  6. I agree, thanks. I just looove caramel -- perhaps I'll find a coin purse or something one day ...
  7. another vote for classic black. :yes:
  8. Black seems to be the clear winner!
  9. Black!!!
  10. Black! Agree with above posters!
  11. I voted for caramel. While black is the more practical color, I just think the colors are what makes Bal so special. JMO
  12. Black....I just got mine and LOVE it. She is so soft, smooth and beautiful. Also, even if you are a complete neat freak like me, wallets just tend to get dirty on the corners and edges no matter how careful you are even just sitting in your bag. Plus with black there are no color transfer issues from rubbing on other B items in your bag.
  13. I vote for black, always classic, always in style, and can be handled a lot without showing stains or anything. HTH!
  14. I vote for black..I think it would be more practical and less prone to dirt/stains.
  15. I say it is such a yummy color PLUS so easy to find in the black interior of the Bbag.