CARAMEL LOVE!!! New and old!!!

  1. So~ I guess you could say I am crazy for Caramel!!!:nuts: I think I love every caramel color Balenciaga ever made!!!

    Here is my new to me Caramel '05 Work!!! I just love it!:love: It's very boho chic! I would say it's a pale caramel color. I have included pictures of my caramel gang for you to see. The city is caramel '03~ the flat brass hobo is '02(second season) and the Work is '05.

    A big hug to Pursemania for helping me to get this bag!!! I will never forget your kindness!!! xoxo:kiss:

    DSC02916.JPG DSC02914.JPG DSC02922.JPG DSC02924.JPG
  2. ooooh... love all that caramel!!!

    Thanks for posting zac! Congrats on your new 05 caramel work!!!
  3. Wow, wow, wow for each of your gorgy caramel bags

    I wish I could reach thru my screen and squish each and every one of them :love:
  4. Mmmmhhhhhhhhhhh :drool: :nuts: --- fantastic caramels - yummyyyy :p !!
    Your '05 caramel work looks AMAZING :yahoo: I have this in a PURSE and I L:heart: VE it very much !
    But all of your caramels looks great - if I had to decide .... I don't know which one I'd prefer :shrugs: !!

    CONGRATS dearest 'L' zac..... and thank you for sharing :flowers: - you lucky girl :love:
  5. What a hunka hunka pile of leather!!!! :heart: :p :drool: YUMMY is all I can say - I'm speechless zac!
  6. ^^^ALLY~ LOL!!! You are so funny!!!!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    jadecee, live, FIRST and ally~ thank you all so much!!! I :heart: u!!!
  7. Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! Congrats Zacorey, all are tdf!
  8. :yahoo: caramel heaven!!! :party:
  9. I LOVE your Caramel Work! BEAUTIFUL! I love that color as well and would love to get a Work in that color! Wish me luck! ENJOY have such a awesome collection!
  10. ^^ mmmmmmm, yummy caramels zac!!! :drool:
  11. Thanks for sharing. All are great and soo sweet :p
  12. Omg! OMG! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wtf:
    That's my dream bag, the '05 Caramel Work...I have NEVER seen one in all of my years of looking for it! I can't believe you found one- CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  13. I am in awe of you camel/caramel collection. That's one of the first colors I always look for. That '03 :drool: the color, the leather, stunning! They're all gorgeous and I am truly envious of that gorgeous collection!!! I'm glad that a true caramel lover is their Mom. Thanks for posting, I'll be ogling these pics for a few days. :love: :drool:
  14. Very nice !
  15. Thank you and best of luck! Hope one will show up for you to get!:heart: This is the first Work that I've ever seen!