Caramel flat brass??? or???

  1. Guilty :shocked: :blush: :cutesy:
  2. Lucky girl! It is a beauty! :yahoo:
  3. Ahh Deco you are building the BEST bbag collection! Soon yours is going to be better than Fayden's Anonymous Friend! *So jealous* Congrats Deco!!
  4. I looove this bag. Congrats Decophile :yahoo:
  5. I wish but that won't happen. I'm on the purse ban from hell!!:devil: It goes beyond a purse ban... I'm in purse and designer possessions disgorgement mode. I have to sell my Miu Mius and Pradas and tons of clothes and shoes to pay for my recent BBag sins. But I just couldn't pass up that gorgeous vintage caramal flat brass.:drool: I may have to eat it when it arrives.:rolleyes:
  6. that's my auction! LOL...sorry for the silly of me...
  7. Congrats, your collection is growing so fast, I'm all jelous:drool: but happy for you.
  8. Wow you have bought so many awesome bags!!! Congrats to you. I can't wait to see them all pictured together.
  9. Congrats.
  10. Oh wow! that's you? how cool. I've frequently lusted after your bags :drool:
  11. congratulations deco!:lol:
  12. Congrats Deco! I love your collection of Bbags. :love:
  13. congrats!
  14. ^^ ACK, what will the prada girls say?!?! :devil: :smash: :lol:
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