caramel flat brass classique -- who got this???!!!!

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  1. Blink and you miss it, eh? I wonder how much it went for...hope it was all legit. Congrats to the lucky winner!
  2. awww! who, who??
  3. hey! this bag was at $610 this morning! Someone must have made the seller an offer...
  4. Damn! I wanted that. Wonder what it went for.
  5. Hmmm...that's the same seller who listed the same brown le dix hobo twice and ended it both times, then listed this with the same description. I was anticipating that this would end early also. You'd think a zero feedback seller would want to build atleast one positive. A couple of PFers had already bid on it so we'll see if one of them got it...I'm very curious.
  6. Hmmm ... yeah, this doesn't sound too good (and yet these are the folks that eBay is letting 'in the door'!?!?! ... go figure :confused1: :shrugs: )
  7. I even emailed her saying I was sorry to have missed the caramel hobo and asked whether she was taking offers to end it early or was going to let the auction highest bidder win...and I never heard back.

    I hope it went for more than I would have bid. I really want a bag with the gold lettering...any style...any color...I'm just missing that one season and then my collection is complete.
  8. It does seem a little strange to end the auctions early if you have no feedback :shrugs: Hopefully someone here got a good deal!
  9. I noticed this auction also and thought "this is going to go high"! I wonder who got it and for what price?:confused1:
  10. HI guys,

    I bid on this and asked the seller questions and got absolutely no response..I had expressed interest in the hobo the same seller put up as well..and got no response then either. Both the bags they have listed were really great and I would have loved one of them, but I guess they are getting good offers and ending the auctions early..oh well...this bag is a beauty and I hope someone here got it...anyone??
  11. So the seller cancelled the bids of other PF'ers, real nice..NOT! Ridiculous!
  12. I think among PFers there is a certain loyalty not to interfere with each other's dream bags etc - not something that is enforced within the forum by any means, but something that I've seen happen.
    The seller is not a PFer and doesn't owe any of us anything - and it's not uncommon for a seller to end the auction early, especially lately, especially wtih desirable bags. So while it's a bummer, it's not the first time this happens, certainly not the last, and as we participate in submitting offers that make sellers end auctions early, we should not be surprised when it happens.
  13. I agree 100%. While I may be bummed when I see the seller end an auction for an offer I am thrilled when its a PFer who got the bag. she who makes the best offer wins, regardless if its another PFer or not I guess. What I dont get is why end an auction to sell to someone off ebay? I want ebays protection in the event something should go wrong, to end an auction so you dont pay final value fees is risky in my opinion. Unless theres something I dont know about ending an auction early, I would rather change the BIn or something so the person making the offer can win it (if theyre quick enough)

    I had an old Dooney set listed and the auction ended with no BIN. Afterwards someone made me an offer for the set and I relisted it with the agreed upon price and put a BIN. Well, 3 hours went by and someone else grabbed it. Yet the person who made me the offer was mad at me!

    ahhhh ebay. fun times.
  14. Donna, I think sometimes when there are bids on ebay the seller can no longer add a BIN.