Caramel Day

  1. is this a pf seller? authentic?
  2. ^^ Yes, Lvlady99 is known to sell authentic bags.
  3. what do you think? looks like a scratch on the front and dark handles?
  4. I don't know. She doesn't say that much about the condition of the bag. I think it is a good price though. You should email her questions if you are interested, although her communication may not be the best.
  5. I couldn't resist -- I have been waffling on a pair of caramel colored ankle boots and the matching bag sealed the deal!

    If the handles are dark, whcih cleaner is suggested?
  6. Actually Idy is awesome .. super fast emails and she can prob take more pics for you. I just got my Emerald City from her and she is great to work with. :yes:

  7. I think that bag will clean up quite nice! good deal!
  8. I have sent a couple of BBags for cleaning in the past and they have said they cannot lighten dark handles due to oils. They can remove dirt, but not oils that have penetrated. I believe recently someone else here reported that Artbags said the same thing. Those handles that have been restored by LMB are re-dyed, rather than cleaned. So it depends on whether you want re-dying or not.
  9. Thanks! I will worry about it when she gets here, because I don't know if it is really worth it to me to have it re-dyed.

    With my luck, if I pay for professionally cleaning and have the handles dyed, I will spill coffee on it the next day:P