Caramel Courier, great price

  1. I am so loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Nanez!!! Where's Liz? She loves Couriers too! LOL
  2. Hmm..She purchased couple days ago and selling it for less?? Something wrong with bag?
  3. I don't understand why the starting price is $900 and the BIN is ALSO $900? Lol.
  4. ^^^azia~ I know!

  5. I don't know if something is wrong with it.:shrugs:

  6. it's weird to sell it for less b/c she can get a full refund at NM. I wonder if it was used and something got damaged. hmmm, she just bought it yesterday according to the receipt.
  7. ^^^Yeah~ there is something "fishy" about this!?????
  8. Could the date be July 11 2006? The Europeans write it that way ...

    P.S. The model # of 159671 on the tag is correct for the Courier...
  9. is the seller a pfer? If not, no, zacorey.
  10. but the bag was bought from NM?? can't be jul 11
  11. I know ... it's a stretch, but I was trying to come up with some possible explanation. ;)
  12. Pics look good. The only thing is that there seems that something's been removed from the price tag? A reduction sticker perhaps? Maybe the receipt is from a full-priced one she bought. I'm sorry if my post offends the seller, but I just can't understand why they'd sell a bag for that price - why not return it?
  13. ^^^That's what I am thinking too Cal~ why not just return it and get your money back. The only guess I would make is that the seller got a great sale price on it?
  14. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...i think our girl Cal hit the nail on the head (receipt doesn't match the bag)'s the seller's reply :shrugs:

    "thanks, i know, the one i am selling is from spring summer season and i never got to use it because i have too many bags! and because i have a serious bag illness, i just bought a new one, in a dark brown choc color, which i will def start using because i am having a baby in 3 weeks. i told myself i could not have 2, even though somehow i am sure i could make sense of it in my bag addicted brain! but i have a couple other bags close to the caramel color and i dont have a dark choc brown bag right now- so thats how i decided. anyway, thats why- thanks for asking, tara"