Caramel City Bag

  1. I'm new to Balenciaga bags but love the caramel city bags. How hard is it to find one in stores these days?
  2. Caramel is an '05 color so you're not likely to find it in the retail stores, but there are resellers like and I've seen a few on E**Y. Good luck - it's a beautiful color.
  3. Yup, to find a 05 bag, you'll have to look for resellers. If you go the eBay route, be sure to get it authenticated here. The ladies are wonderful on that thread! Real deal collection would be a good route to go as well, and check anns fabulous finds. Both will set up a "wish list" for you an let you know if one comes in. Good luck!
  4. There were also caramel-tone bags made in the spring and fall of 2006. I believe the Spring color was called Camel and not sure about the fall color... but that broadens your options in terms of searching for a past-season bag.
  5. Much appreciated. The search begins!
  6. if you're interested in 2006 camel there's a city at cultstatus .. they also had a part time and a twiggy in their stock list ..
  7. RDC has a Caramel City right now