Caramel City Available at NM

  1. Hello ladies

    Got a call from Lisa Hamlin, my SA from NM in Troy MI. SHe said she just got in a GORGEOUS caramel city. It is $1195. She says the bag is just amazing. If you are interested, give her a call at (248) 635-8442:flowers:
  2. OHHH- someone should buy this! The color is soooo pretty! I would if I didn't already have one!
  3. jag, i say lisa should split all commissions with you since you are sweet enough in passing on availability info to all of us bbag lovers out here when we can't even get to the store sometimes for these beautiful bags :flowers: what do you think? :graucho: :graucho: :graucho:
  4. ^^^^LOL!!! Don't I wish!:P

  5. Oooh! Thanks for the heads up, Jag! Is this the Pre fall 05 Caramel?
  6. Not sure- all I know is that she said it's one of the best she has had all season (in this color). Give her a call, she is a sweetheart!
  7. Lisa is awesome! She (and Jag) helped me with my Ink!
  8. Thanks, Jag! I just called left a message on her voice mail. *crossing fingers for an 05* :heart:
  9. Very cool! She will hook you up I am sure~!
  10. Oooh! I hope so! Please let it be an 05 caramel! lol! I've had the phone sitting in front of me since I left the message...not that I'm excited and anxious or anything...:whistle:
  11. She will probably call you first thing in the morning. Let us know what happens! I will be thinking about you and that bag!!! (keeping fingers crossed for you!)
  12. Thanks, Jag! :flowers: I'll definitely post after I get the call! :smile:
  13. '05 caramel is great. i have a coupel caramel bags and just think they are so classic. good luck!
  14. Thanks, Chi! I heard the leather on the 05 Caramel were thick and luxe. :love:
  15. Need to stay strong! I :heart: the caramel City though!