Caramel candy ... A keeper after all!!!

  1. I know it's camel but to me it's caramel candy. I followed powderpuffs advice and "coated" it with AG three times. The poor baby was incredibly thirsty the first coat was soaked up in only a few minutes, after the third the bag started to soften a bit. I will repeat this operation in a few days depending on how things develop.

    My hubby and girls love my new "girl".

    I still reminds me though still of a hansome tanned skipper, who's skin has been marked by wind weather and sea.....:P
    Copie-de-DSCN3509.jpg Copie de DSCN3506.JPG Copie-de-DSCN3508.jpg Copie de DSCN3561.JPG Copie de DSCN3556.JPG
  2. Whoa, Catcat! the bag suits you so well!!!!
    and might I add, you look STUNNING - especially since I know you're a mom of 3!
  3. Cat~ that is beautiful!!!!! The color is TDF!!!!!!! You look stunning too! Enjoy!
  4. I am so glad that you love it!!! Don't you just love the color? Looks great on you!!!!
  5. Catcat, that you and the bag are gorgeous. :yes: It looks great on you and I love the color of yours. That is a keeper for sure!! Camel/caramel goes with almost everything. I think it's just as versatile as black if not more.
  6. you look great and so does the bag!
  7. Fabulous, everything about it, including your outfit. Love it!
  8. oh catcat, it's def. a keeper!
    btw, i LOVE YOUR BOOTS :love:
  9. Thanks everybody, I'm really really happy, the color is incredibly versatile.
    I'm still craving for a lighter bag but since I expected this one to be light getting another wouldn't meen breaking my "ban"...:P ?
    Or ?
  10. do you mean lighter colour?
    i said, your next b bag have to be one of the striking colour :P
  11. Oh Cat, you look gorgeous and the bag looks stunning with your outfit. I am so glad that you are finally happy with it.:yahoo:
  12. Oh wow, I never knew Camel was soo stunning! I love the rich and thick color!

    And it looks amazing on you, Gorgeous!
  13. Love your caramel candy !!! You look absolutely stunning. The scarf matches perfectly !
  14. Very nice bag indeed!
  15. Catcat you are beautiful !! That caramel candy was made for you :smile: :heart:
    I really love the colour. Glad you keep it !!