Caramel B-bag on E-bay-Classique

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  1. Is this one for sure authentic? For some reason it doesn't look like it to me but I am completely a newbie at this. I really would like to get this one.
  2. ^^ I second that... is it authentic?
  3. ^^^LOL...i THIRD that!!
  4. I don't know. As soon as I think I have it all figured out, some Balenciaga expert posts and says: FAKE!
  5. There are not enough photos, but isn't baghunter calling this a fake? (there's another thread about this bag)
  6. Since she bought it on eBay I'd ask for more photo's of the tag and a picture of it unstuffed?? I spoke with her this morning, there's no way she'd knowingly sell a fake. I think it looks good otherwise.
    At the same time, I know that in the past groupings of really amazing superfakes have sold through, and I haven't been around long enough to know those offhand.

    Where's this other thread about it?
  7. It looks real to me. I have a caramel city. The color looks right. The plate looks right. The font on the plate look right. I can't tell about the bales though. Im going to check out the other threads.
  8. Awesome! Keep us posted :smile:
  9. Of course! Find out who she bought it from!
  10. winona77, in the "authenticate this balenciaga!" thread
  11. yeah it dosent look authentic to me either, I hope W gets a REAL chloe paddington from her.
  12. Maxmara made a point in the authenticate this thread. She interpreted that Baghunter was saying this was real amongst all of the fakes, and I think she's right.

    --- check out the "authenticate balenciaga" thread

    As far as my bag is concerned, she bought it from Nordies, has the reciept and the girls in this Chloe forum are-gooooooood. Two of them actually have that Paddington, same 05' colour and gave me the thumbs up. If by chance it is fake, it's worth losing 750 temporarily to find out!
  13. bait and switch?
    U never know.