Caramel 2002 Flat Brass First

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  1. OMG!!! The leather.:drool: Amazing. I real coup for anyone who loves bbags.

    Good luck seahorseinstripes. I'm sorry to see you let her go:crybaby:
  2. goodluck SEA :biggrin:

    it's beautiful!
  3. Good luck with your auction, Seahorse!
  4. G'luck Seahorse!!
  5. good luck sea! It's a beauty!
  6. thank u girls :P
  7. why you let her go searhorse :sad: :sad: ? This bag is amazing!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  8. oooh, i still have one dark coffe flat brass, and can't afford two of them :crybaby:
    i needed the fund for my trip next year, but also tempted on a hermes herbag :P
  9. Good luck, it's beautiful, so tempting!:yes:
  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous! Good luck, "D"'ll be making someone VERY happy soon, I suspect:yes: !