Caramel 05

  1. Anyone knows where I can find a First or a City, even a Twiggy or a Box in Caramel? :shrugs: The colour is simply TDF!!:love:
  2. there was a 05 Caramel Box on eBay .... make sure you post in Authenticate thread first tho ...
  3. e bay will probably be the only place
  4. That box on eBay is authentic...there was a thread about it. And it's gorgeous. A friend of mine had the 05 caramel in a first, and the leather is unlike any other leather I've ever seen. Just fantastic.
  5. I saw that box. I LOVE it. Hope you get it
  6. I can't saw the box on eBay but I think if you see it you should get it ( I love that color but i don't need another bag right now)
  7. I agree, the leather on mine is incredible too. So smooshy and soft.:love:
  8. I used to be obsessed with that colour- in my opinion, it is one of the best colours ever made and the leather really is so incredible. I would still probably give a kidney for a Caramel Work.

  9. :roflmfao: Too funny!!!
    I have a Twiggy 05 Caramel on the way! :yahoo: I emailed BalNY to see if they had replacement tassels and never heard back. No surprise there. Wonder if they're still available?
  10. Thanks so much for the info...