Caramel 05 First

  1. Finally... i have managed to get this lovely bag...
    Can u believe that it had been sitting around in my friend's closet for so long....She had even forgotten that she had one.
    I managed to talk her to let me have this bag..
    It's lovely... love the leather and the colour is fantastic.. love all about it..:love: :love: :love: . Anyway here is the picture...
  2. gorgeous! Congrats!!! :biggrin:
  3. wow congrats!
  4. love it! congrats!
  5. It was meant to be! Congratulations :smile:
  6. I love it!
  7. Very nice, congrats! I wish my friends had bags just sitting around, all but forgotten, hehe;)
  8. congrats!!! :smile:
  9. That's a beautiful bag, JCY! Even better when it's gotten from a friend-congrats!
  10. Oooh nice! congrats!
  11. the 2005 caramel is my favorite color ever. It was the bag that made me fall in love with Balenciaga, I saw a weekender at NM in caramel, went on a waiting list for it in the city (this was last year) and never got it :sad:
  12. What a great way to pick up a new bag! I have to go through my girfriends' closets now! :lol: Congrats, it's a beauty!
  13. thank u guys..
    but i got one confession to make.
    my fiancee.still dont know that i got this bag..
    i have manage to keep it hiding in my closet...
    i am going to hong kong next week.. and i am still hoping to find a bbag at least at some consignment store there.... if he knows that i had bought this one... i am scared that he will forbid me from buying another one..
    anyway.. i got all of u guys to blame on:biggrin: .. for making me addicted to bbags... i keep wanting more...
    am i bad???? shall i confess..:sad:
    anyway what he doesnt know wont hurt him rite???:shame:
  14. o.. sorry to hear that..
    i know u will get it some day...
  15. Great bag!!!