Caracolo Nude -yay or nay?

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  1. I went into NM today to pick up my blue armadillo and my SA came out with a pair of Caracolo Nude that someone had recently returned and he had hidden it for me since he knew I was coming in today. I got them for the sale price of $420.

    My guy friend who was with me today seemed to like the shoes. I am a bit on the boarderline about this one right now. I bought it and figured I would take it home with me and decide. If I dont like it, I can return it later.

    So my dear fellow tpfer's what do u think of this style in nude? yay or nay? I've also seen a few of these on ebay in other colors u think this price is a good price for these shoes? or should i find one on ebay?
  2. Btw, the blue armadillos are super gorgeous in real life! you guys should totally get a pair before they sell out!
  3. Pictures, please! I would love to know what these look like.
  4. I have them, and I like them. They may not be my absolute favorite pair, but they are very sexy on. And very unique!

  5. I like the nude Caracolo (and they look HOT on Jet, btw). I think the first thread I started on this forum was about the nude Caracolo! I still would like a pair but NGG is the only seller that has the nude ones and even though she's listed them like 293847398734 times, she still has them at $650. LAME.
  6. [​IMG]

    I am borrowing this picture from JetSetGo..... this is a modelling pic she took.
  7. Laureen – Have you tried to make her an offer?

    Thanks for the sweetness, btw!
  8. I know what you mean Laureen, NGG seems to constantly relist her stuff and yet she never lowers the price.... kinda silly.
  9. haha when i saw the shoe today, i actually thought of JetSetGo's modelling pic right away. her picture was what made me pay attention to this shoe in the first place.
  10. Thank you! I definitely love the nude. Very cute!
  11. You're welcome! I remember I was very doubtful about these shoes, but fell in love when I saw your modeling pics! I guess it couldn't hurt to make an offer, but I doubt she'll go much lower. Never hurts to try, I suppose...
  12. I say yay. I like em and Jetset's modelling pics are the reason why I like them too...LOL :P
  13. Jet,

    Your legs are gorgeous! :yes:
  14. I think they're great but I definitely wouldn't pay NGG prices for them. They look so much better on. Love the modelling pic, JSG!!
  15. Thanks lovelies!