Carabiner on stretch cord

  1. Do you guys use the carabiner inside your tokis? I'm not sure what to use mine for and was wondering if I'm missing out on something useful. There must be a reason LeSportsac put it in every style of bag. :confused1:
  2. heh, I never use it. They just sit there at the bottom of my bag lolz.
  3. lol... there's a really old thread about this somewhere on here I believe :smile:

    personally I use it for my keys since my keys are already on a carbiner I just snap that one onto the one in the bag and I don't really unlatch it. It makes it really handy when you have one hand full and you cant dig thru ur purse. I'll just find the cord (right next to the zipper opening at the top and pull it up and up come my keys! once I get them out I just need that same one hand to open the door since if I lose my grip on the keys it just dangles from the opening of my purse until I can get them again ;)
  4. Same for me! I hook it onto my keys and if they get in the way inside of my bag, I just dump my keys into the inside back zipper pocket to keep things neat! I tend to drop my keys.. so its quite useful! :biggrin:

    Oh and my bf took one of my smaller carabiners to put on his keys.. so he can hook them to his pant's belt loop or wherever.
  5. I use mine for my keys too. It's great not having to dig all over my bag for them any more!
  6. same here
  7. yup... i use it for my keys too it's really useful... i always had troubles with that
  8. I've never used them and I've always wondered too what they're for! :smile:
  9. i tried to use the carabiners but i guess its more of a hassle for me to unclip it everytime i need my keys s:huh:oo...nope, dont use it :p its not like i have that hard of a time looking for my keys anyways hahaha
  10. I use it to clip my denaro's. I'm always paranoid of people going into my bags when I'm out and about.
  11. I use it for my denaro also.

    I want to be able to find my wallet quickly because I usually need it when there are people behind me wanting to pay for their stuff.
  12. Thats a good idea! :idea: I've never heard of someone using it for their denaros.. thats smart! :tup:
  13. i too use it for my denaro..i just hook it on the chain that comes with my wallet wont get lost :lol:
  14. thanks everyone! since i prefer to have my keys detached from my bag, i think i better get a denaro so i can use the carabiner. how's that?? haha! :p
  15. sounds like a plan to me! hahaha I didn't know you were moving! too bad! at least you don't have to pay hawaii's retail anymore! hahaha i might try attaching my denaro too!