Cara with rivets

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  1. We're many of these made? And does anybody know if they were ever made in the mini size? Thanks.
  2. Yes the oxblood with rivets was made in the mini - I so want one
  3. Yup, that's pretty much my holy grail bag... But I have never seen one come up for sale pre-loved and it won't be sold in outlets either. So it's going to be a difficult one to get a hold of I guess!
  4. there were loads left at the end of the sale, so I'm sure they will turn up in the outlets eventually
  5. Really? I put an alert in at my local Mulberry outlet for this particular bag and my SA told me the chances of them getting anything in from the cara rivet collection was pretty much slim to none. I sure hope you're right and she's wrong though. I guess I'll know when/if I get the call.

  6. I was also told today that they will be turning up in the outlets perhaps in September/ October. So let's wait and see
  7. If you contact customer services directly, they may be able to tell you if there is stock being held for release to the outlets. They won't be able to tell you when it will be released though. Your SA will not have this information, only head office. :smile:
  8. I remember seeing the Oxblood Cara with rivets in the outlets quite soon after the sale ended earlier this year… Well at least in Bicester, I can't speak for the other outlets.
  9. Thank you for the tip! I never would have thought of that! :smile: