Cara - more delicate than I thought it would be...

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  1. So, I've had my lovely Cara for a week now and have took it out twice. Both times it has come home with several scuffs and small scratches to the leather :sad:

    I never expected it to stay pristine forever and while I don't particularly "baby" my bags I do take care of them and it was well looked after on both trips out. Most of the scratches seem to be from my nails when opening the top flap. My nails are not long and they're smooth (well filed) so I'm puzzled that this is happening. The ones from the first trip (Tuesday) are mostly faded now (I can still see them, but they're not as bad as they were) but the ones from last night are quite bad still.

    Before taking the bag out I gave it a good going over with the leather Colloni gel and 2 coats of the waterproof spray - is there anything else I can or should do? Or it is just to be expected? It just made me a little sad, for it to be showing signs of damage so quickly and so easily :cry:
  2. This thread discusses scuffs, on a bayswater:

    Hope helps.
  3. I think it's to be expected with the more modern types of leather mulberry use. You could try putting polish on the bag then buffing the marks with your dustbag which will make the marks less obvious. I'm like you I want my bag to look as good as new for as long as possible so can understand your disappointment.
  4. Exactly the same happened to me with my medium cara- it scratched all the time and I ended up polishing it like mad every use. I sold it because I found that took the love out of it.
  5. Thank you, a good polish and buff has certainly helped make them less obvious!

    It's just so upsetting - this is the most I've ever spent on a bag in my life and while I of course expected signs of wear and tear in time, I didn't expect in during the first week!
  6. Oh dear :sad:

    Maybe I need to do more research into which leathers are more hard wearing and keep the Cara for special occasions only - seems like such a waste though...
  7. I find Lord Sheraton wipes help with scuffs, cleans, conditions and smell yummy too
  8. Thank you, I've ordered some of those from Amazon :smile:
  9. This is what my NVT oak bella looks like after lashings of collonil gel, waterstop spray and wipes, even patina but definitely darker than when new and has a very light sheen and no longer matte, but blemish free

    Just bear that in mind, sorry should have said earlier

  10. That leather looks beautiful. I would have no problem at all if my Cara's leather looks the same quality as that :smile:

  11. Thank you, even if I say so myself, it's got a lovely all over even grain.

    I somehow got a small stain on it, scrubbed way too hard and it lightened the patch. I smothered the patch with collonil gel and let it soak in, repeated a day or two later and phew!!! It blended right in
  12. :wtf:

    OMG, that would have given me heart failure!

  13. My words exactly [emoji51]
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