Cara Handle Retainer

  1. Hi
    I have 2 caras. On one the strap retainer is fixed to the handle so doesn’t fall off when opened. The other is completely separate and comes completely away when opened
    Is this normal? Did they vary in design or am in possession of a fake?
    Does anyone know?
  2. I had a regular and mini Cara, and both had the strap retainer fixed to one handle. However I’ve seen several preloved bags that looked genuine where the listing stated that the retainer had been lost... I always wondered how that was possible, but maybe some weren’t attached properly?
  3. Hi
    Thanks for your reply
    I’ve got the answer now. The strap retainers can be unthreaded and removed. I worked it out by replicating the one I had that was fixed . Now both of mine are fixed on the strap
    I’m so happy as it just would have dropped off before. I guess that’s what happens when preloved bags are missing them x
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  4. Aha, well done for figuring that out - hopefully all secure now!
  5. Yep much better now thanks