Cara Delevingne for Mulberry

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  1. So I just saw the new beautiful bags and already have my eyes on one I really want! I can see that they are part of the AW14 collection, so I guess we have to wait quite a while for them. Do anyone have more details about prices or when we will know more?
  2. They stole the idea from this forum. I have learnt to turn my Alexa into a backpack years ago from here [​IMG]
  3. Yup - works with Tillie too ! x

  4. I was thinking that too..
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  6. I wish I thought the bags were beautiful but they do absolutely nothing for me :tdown:
  7. Me too.

    With the humoungeous price increases and the wacky designs recently, they aren't doing a thing for me.

    As for Cara.... she is a kid & a bit of a disaster area too giving some of the reports of her private life, not at all my vision of iconic Mulberry.
  8. It's a real shame, but it just means other brands will be getting our business in future! bye bye Mulberry..

    I like Cara as a model, but she has no real fashion/design knowledge so I can't take her 'collaboration' seriously!
  9. Why it's almost like this collection isn't innovative at all!

    That said, OP, I'm pleased you like them and hope you get the chance to get your hands on one. :smile:
  10. I knew there was someone doing this, I just posted on the other thread about it:lol:
  11. I agree that the collection is not innovative at all! It is basically another bag with the signature lock on, BUT I have been looking for a stylish backpack for years and this seems to do the trick. I think the black quilted version looks gorgeous. It looks like a design they could have made a few years ago, but I am not to keen on most of the recent designs.
  12. Thank you, that was really helpful! :biggrin:
    So in mid-august I need to have around 1000 pounds. Maybe not, but I'll see when the times comes,
  13. Not the biggest fan of the camouflage but would love to see them all IRL to judge properly...
  14. Agreed, she is quirky & pretty but no design credentials at all so how can we take it seriously?