Cara Delevingne Coat

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  1. Does anyone know where the coat Cara Delevingne is wearing? i know she has a Burberry outfit on and a lot of places are saying it is the Burberry coat i have pictured below. But it is clearly not the same coat (the one she is wearing does not have the big buttons) any help would really be appreciated. Thanks so much

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  2. looks like a Barina camel coat to me :smile: saw them on yoox the other day.
  3. Maybe the buttons are just hidden on the left side of the jacket in the picture ? Because the lapels look the same and so does the pocket ? Strange ! Lovely coat!
  4. It's reportedly that Burberry Prorsum Resort 2014 coat, appears the buttons were removed?

    Again hre:
  5. Yeah that's what is says everywhere but on the coat cara is wearing there is no pocket on the top corner and the pockets on the sids don't have a flap over them ? Very confusing haha
  6. Probably a custom made one? A lot of designer clothing have been altered to suite a particular individual like make a dress that was already short to long, alter the sleeves, the hem, more fabric to be added, etc. Maybe that's why?
  7. The flaps on the pockets are likely simply tucked in :yes:
  8. Sorry but it's clearly not that Burberry coat in that picture.

    Even if the buttons were removed Cara's coat doesn't have the vertical seam on the other side where the extra fabric that covers the strip of button holes would be.

    Cara's coat also has much longer lapels than the Burberry coat pictured.
  9. That's what I thought