Car Shopping Help me Decide please ;)

  1. Hello,

    Im looking to purchase a car(used). I am currently looking at a 2004 Chrysler Crossfire with 6,000 miles for 17,900 and a 2002 Jaguar x type with 37,000 miles for $13,000. Help me choose,please?

    Open to other ideas around that price range

  2. Honestly...the Crossfire is UGLY...and it's a Chrysler product. The Jag...well, it's only slightly better now that it's owned by Ford. I think you can do better.

    Tell us what you're looking for in a car.
  3. Just based on pure unrational desire for one or the other I say the Jaguar. But I used to have a Jaguar, though it was pre-Ford takeover, and it was purely evil. I think the electrical system was possessed. However, that was years ago. I say look up reviews on the cars you are thinking about and see what people who have them think.
  4. I'd nix both of those as well. The mileage on those are good, but Jaguar's are not known for being reliable so I would never buy a used one. The Crossfire, is basically, new, so if you like the styling, go for it. Chrysler is the most reliable of the American cars, but that's not saying much. Like Charles said, what are you looking for in a car and we'll try to help.:jammin:
  5. Hmm ... if I remember correctly, the Crossfire is on the same platform as the Mercedes SLK, so I would check reliability between the two. Now I'm biased because I have an SLK, but mine is a 2000, and it runs like a champ ...

    My mom, however, is a huge Jag fan and she has the X type as well. She leases her cars so she doesn't keep them long, but she loves the way the X drives.

    Keep in mind too that these are two completely different types of cars in terms of driving comfort -- the Crossfire will probably ride stiffer, and the Jag will be smoother.

    Charles is right, though -- are there specific things that you are looking for in your purchase? You've got a difference of almost $20K in price between your two choices.
  6. I don't know what the Chrysler looks like and don't care much for the Jaguar's. If you're looking for something reliable and will keep for a long time, I'd nix those two and keep looking.
  7. I dont like either one. BUt this is just my opinion.
  8. I'm a big Chrysler fan, and I actually like the look of the Crossfire. I confess, Ford-era or not, I'd never think of owning a Jag. Another thing to consider: is there a Chrysler dealership near you? I've found they're pretty good at taking care of their products, even if you didn't buy it there.

    But above all, whatever you get, LOOK IT OVER CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU BUY!

    Good luck, by the way!
  9. Yikes- run from both- Chryslers are bad, bad, bad and Jags are owned by FORD- (Found On Road Dead). The only Chrysler product I like are jeeps
  10. Had an 05 X type, ran great never had any issues with it, just recently traded it for more room, in an 08 range rover. Jaguar service is impeccable.
  11. Chrysler and Ford..yikes!!:tdown:
    You're better off getting a brand new Honda or Toyota..for that price.
  12. I don't think it's fair to bash any one car company, you need to look at the individual car before you make a decision. I drove Chrysler products for about 15 years and never had a problem, and my mom has driven Jags for at least 5 years and she has never had a problem either. Overgeneralizing is not a good thing.
  13. Well I would jump all over the Jag, but thats me!! People either love or hate the Jag & I think its a FABULOUS car.

    I almost bought a 2007 Jag but finally settling on the 07 Mercedes E which is the best car in the world.

    Get the Jag....Don't ya wanna look extra Fabulous driving it??Its a beautiful car. But I'm all about looks...i'm very shallow & Materalistic THATS WHY I HANG OUT IN HERE...HEE-hEE
  14. iF you like the Crossfire, you might like the Pontiac Soltice. it's a little convertable... were you looking at the crossfire convertable or just sports car??
  15. too! I see a car as a fashion accessory. I fell in love with the Jag I had even though EVERYONE told me not to buy that year. It was a BAD year for Jag, before they were bought by Ford. If you take care of them and are willing to put up with them they can last though. My dad still has that Jag I bought and it's an '89.