Car shoes! (and I mean, shoes that look like cars, not shoes made by Car Shoe)

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  1. Attached Files:

  2. Roflmao!!!!!!
  3. lmao!

    I bet my ex would've loved those :roflmfao:
  4. hahaha i was just about to post these hahaha
  5. High heels and cars. Every guy's dream! lol!

    Now I'm curious about the mouse shoes. They sound cute!
  6. They're darling. Too bad the headlights don't seem to turn or anything.....
  7. They are sooo cool! :supacool:

    I'm with Purly - I don't usually do flats but I love my MBMJ Mouse shoes :love: Maddog - check out Purly's atavar pic.....
  8. Here is a photo I snapped of my Marc mouse flats, for my collection thread. Anyways, they came in a bunch of different colors and shapes. Cute aren't they? :smile:


    I kinda want those car shoes but I have no idea where to obtain them.

    I wouldn't wear them though, it would be kinda silly. Maybe I would?
  9. Those car shoes are craaaaazy.

    Purly, your mouse flats are way too cute!
  10. Purly, I totally imagined the mouse shoes differently but they're super cute!:heart: