Car Shoe?

  1. now does anyone know anything about this brand? i see it quite often on neiman website etc... and their design is really cute! but quite pricy as well. And the name of the brand is kind of....ridiculous imo =p totally hindering me from buying... Anyone have any knowledge about this brand to share? thanx
  2. links?
  3. Car shoe is part of the Prada group - or did some collaboration with Prada. They are really popular here in Europe right now - similar to Tod's or Hogan's. They do shoes mostly but also some handbags purses....:shame:

    I love their loafer style for shoes but can't say much the bag situation. Hope this helps.
  4. Pictures? Probably Prada?
  5. I have wondered the same, as I see it on the NM site as well. I thought they had a little Chloe/Prada look, :shrugs: but they did seem awfully pricy. I am curious how they look in person, but did not see any in the NM last week.:confused1:
  6. Car Shoe has made driving mocs/loafers for Prada's linea rosso line, even before Prada started to call their sport line linea rosso. Their shoes are comparable to Tod's and are just as comfy. I lucked out last time I was in Florence and found this last pair in my size just as I was in the market for silver flats, for only 99 Euros-HOORAY-at Raspini. Recently I've found quite a few Car Shoes at the Off 5th store. Hope this was helpful ;) .
    car shoe.JPG
  7. I've been wondering about Car Shoe too. It has such an odd sounding name to me. I didn't know what to make of it.
  8. Are they for driving only? Why are they called Car Shoes??
  9. No, but I think originally they were making only the sort of driving loafer - I think race drivers in the 50/60s were wearing only loafers for driving (but not 100% on that) - anyway, I think that is what they started out on so I guess that is were the name comes from.
    And yes, like I said I think they are part of the Prada group and/or design for Prada
  10. I believe they are named CAR SHOE because they first came up with the driving mocs. They make many other styles as well, but if you've ever tried driving in their shoes, or Tod's for that matter, with those rubber pebbles at the soles, it explains the name, and the price as well. They provide great grip on the car pedals, esp if you have to shift gears and use clutch pedals.
  11. I bought one in the recent NM online last call sale. Unfortunately, NM sent me a much bigger version (luggage, really), so I returned it. It is very reminiscent of Miu Miu, not surprisingly. Good quality, nice leather, and well made without a lot of fussy extras. I wish they'd sent me the one I actually ordered. Hope this helps.
  12. Recently got a pair of brown suede car shoes ankle boots at Bergdorf's for just $138 (70 % off) -- they are super comfortable and stylish. Highly recommend.
  13. Thanks everyone for explaining. I see the brand Car Shoe alot on NM, and I've never heard of it from actual people. I also thought that name for a bag line is strange, but now I understand. I did always thought their bags were pretty nice looking though. But I'm not sure I would pay that price. I would prefer to buy something else w/ that kind of money.
  14. Shihfan, I just purchased a gorgeous blue Car Shoe handbag last night at Nordstrom, and according to my sales associate, Cheryl, Car Shoe is a division of Prada. The bags are made in the same factory as Prada bags, with the same quality materials and construction. The bags are apparently pretty limited, like one of each style and color to each Nordstrom store, so they're not well known yet. The bag I bought has beautiful blue pebbled leather, nice hardware, and of course it's own dust cover. Happy shopping!