car shoe shoes

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  1. [​IMG]What do you all think of these? Have any of you ever worn this brand? I think they're really cute!:love:
  2. Cute!
  3. Very cute. I have a pair of the driving shoes, and they are the most comfortable pair I own(Certainly not a hard honor to earn as the majority of my shoes have 4 inch heels!!).They have also held up for years.....a good investment!
  4. Not sure, but they have some adorable shoes! Pricey, though! Lots on sale on Bluefly, did you try there?
  5. Never saw those before, but they are cute :biggrin:
  6. I think they would look cute on cute feet with slim ankles. Not on flintstone feet (square, pudgie) like mine...:Push: ahh no!
  7. [​IMG]I like these too..only bluefly won't ship here!:evil:
  8. Clinken soooo cute!
  9. Want to have them shipped to me and then I can ship them to you?
  10. :love: Thanks for offering..I just checked and the only size they have is a 9.5:evil: ..I swear it's a conspiracy against me!!:cry: ..What's a gal have to do for cute shoes? the biggest size they have in stores is like a 7.5:sad2:
  11. I'm surprised they don't ship globally! Humph!
  12. Okay..I want a really cute pair of summer shoes that'll look cute with skirts and dresses so I can go out on dates with's the thing.. I have never spent more than $80 on a pair of shoes and those were I really need help picking a fab pair that will definately be comfortable..and I would like a little heel..hubby is 6'1" and I'm 5'6" so I can afford some know this is really vague but I really need help!
  13. :shame: okay..I just checked..I was wrong ..they do ship here
  14. I love the pink car shoe
  15. Cute! I've heard that the brand makes very comfy shoes!
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