car shoe shoes

Very cute. I have a pair of the driving shoes, and they are the most comfortable pair I own(Certainly not a hard honor to earn as the majority of my shoes have 4 inch heels!!).They have also held up for years.....a good investment!
:love: Thanks for offering..I just checked and the only size they have is a 9.5:evil: ..I swear it's a conspiracy against me!!:cry: ..What's a gal have to do for cute shoes? the biggest size they have in stores is like a 7.5:sad2:
Okay..I want a really cute pair of summer shoes that'll look cute with skirts and dresses so I can go out on dates with's the thing.. I have never spent more than $80 on a pair of shoes and those were I really need help picking a fab pair that will definately be comfortable..and I would like a little heel..hubby is 6'1" and I'm 5'6" so I can afford some know this is really vague but I really need help!