Car Shoe Mocassins

  1. Hellooo :smile:

    I'm still in doubt.. should I get a pair of these "Car shoe" moccasins or go for the real TOD's.. Car shoe are amazingly comfortable. The photo below shows the car shoe but the pair I want is "tan" coloured.. and so are the TOD's I'd like to get. Which would you take?[​IMG]

    (please excuse the spelling mistake in the title.........:$)
  2. anyone?:s
  3. I have a pair of carshoes from probably 10 years ago!! They are wonderful...they have held up great, and are the comfiest shoes I own!!
  4. :tup: I LOVE Car Shoes. Can walk for miles in my Car Shoe heels without getting sore.
  5. aaahh thank you ladies. anyone thoughts on tod's? and which is BETTER?
  6. I don't have either Tods or Car Shoe, but I do think that Car Shoe was designed so that one could use them as driving shoes (thus, the name). That makes me think that a lot of thought went into the making of the shoe and they would be good quality.

    As a brand, I do love Tods handbags, so I'm sure their shoes are nice too.

    I guess it boils down to which one you looks best on you. Even though you wanted tan, I prefer the off-white color in the picture. It's a little more unique.
  7. I prefer tod's style of shoes but comfort wise i'm not sure of how comfy the carshoes are so I won't try to compare. So i'm going to say go with the tod's.