Car Shoe (black) or LV Speedy 30?

  1. OK, ladies, I really need some non-biased advice which is why this is going in the general bag forum :graucho:

    I fell in love with a black Car Shoe bag I first tried on at NM at Town Center in Boca when I was there last week. Now I'm home and I spotted it again here at home at this a sign? Black bags are my absolute staple year-round, so dropping $900 and change is not an issue. Bag is TDF.

    But, I also tried on the LV Speedy 30...and I like it better than my 25. And it's about $300 less than the Car Shoe bag mentioned above, but I already have 5 LVs. Car Shoe would be a great alternative.

    Whaddya think?

    picture this in BLACK

  2. Absolutely the Car Shoe for me. :yes:
  3. Car shoe!
  4. I like the louis vuitton.
  5. I know you just got a trouville :heart: which is much nicer than the speedy (as far as mono handhelds go) If you love the carshoe get it. It's good to have variety imo.
  6. Speedies are so common. Get the Car shoe. :smile:
  7. If you already have 5 LVs I would definitely go for the Car Shoe. Not to sound dumb but I have never heard of the Car Shoe. Is that a new designer? or the name of the bag? Teach me something new! :shame:
  8. get the Car Shoe. good variety. and plus you already have so many LVs, if you were really going for another one i'd say go for the Stephen. that bag is truly TDF.

    the Car Shoe looks awesome IMO, and that color isn't so bad either. the black should be very nice too.
  9. Love the Car Shoe- the shape is very unique!
  10. car shoe is a another brand under prada, like miu miu.

  11. ^^^I agree, get the car shoe! it's a beatiful bag & very different!
  12. absolutely car shoe.
  13. As much as I like LV, I have to go with the car shoe, too. Beautiful bag!
  14. Hey Cindi, yeah as randr posted a few posts down from yours, it's another Prada spin off like Miu Miu. Car Shoe does shoes as well as bags and you can find them at NM or BG (probably elsewhere too).

    I didn't know about the Prada connection with Car Shoe until I talked with the SA here at home. Makes sense, as I love Prada shoes as they are cut wide enough for my feet as are Car Shoe shoes.

    The brass plate does have a tire on it which may be a little too quirky for some but the bags are so versatile and gorgeous and the leather is TDF...:love:
  15. Tough one! I want to say Lv cause that bag is timeless, but since you have 5 already, I say go w/ the Car Shoe. I don't own any of their bags, but that one is really nice.