Car Rental

  1. Does anyone know I should purchase car insurance with rental car company?
  2. Does the coverage on your own car (if you have one) cover you on rental cars as well? Either way, it's a personal decision. Even though my policy covers me, I always get insurance when I'm renting outside my own city..I guess you never know what could happen, especially when you're in an unfamiliar area where you're not familiar with other peoples' driving patterns.
  3. if you pay with a credit card the card insurance covers it so you dont have to purchase it with the rental car company

    a trick my dad taught my sister
  4. ^EXACTLY what I was going to post!!!
  5. I believe most credit card insurance is secondary. They will only pay what your personal car insurance doesn't pay. American Express has a car rental program (I forget what it is called) that acts as your primary insurance so that your personal insurance won't ever even hear about it.
  6. not my card. i have a visa and they will cover auto insurance if you pay for the full amount of the rental with the card.
  7. ^right:yes:
    Pay w/ credit card and you're covered, that's what we were saying.