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  1. I dont really know how to describe what I am looking for but here it goes..

    I'm looking for these things to go on my Monte Carlo. They fit on the front sides of the car, and to me they look like tiny air vents. They come in sets of about 3 or 4's. They are usually on more sporty cars. I dont know what purpose they serve but I want some for my car bc they look nice, lol.

    Anyone know what I'm talking about?:nuts:
  2. Yes, they're hideous and cheap looking. Do not put them on your car.


    They originally came on Buicks. Rather, the more mass produced Buicks brought them more notice. They have been on Maseratis and other high end cars, but there's a noticeable difference in their quality. Anyhow, they eventually found their way onto Dubs and Dunks, then crossed over to PT Cruisers and other Pep Boys Special modded cars.


  3. Yeah... BF and I are really into cars (he's a mechanic). Don't put them on. Very rice. Monte Carlos look better stock.
  4. They do make nicer ones than that. Here's a pic of one of our trucks.
  5. Which brings me to this:


  6. Lol yeah, I was not for that option. But since cars are our buis, we have to be able to compete well in the you know dub shows.
  7. I definitely wouldn't do that. Opt for the clean look.
  8. try
  9. Actually, your Yukon/Denali is pretty clean looking. What's your business? Is it only Dub/bling type stuff or do you do performance tuning and styling?

  10. Lmao...

  11. I agree with Vlad and makes a car look tacky.
  12. Really? You guys think it looks tacky.

    Hmph. Ok. I take your guys opinions very seriously!! I wasn't looking to get them anytime soon, but just wanted some opinions and to see what they were ACTUALLY for !

    Thanks for all of your opinions guys!
  13. lol @ Charles pic. You always crack me up!
  14. Charles we deal with mostly cosmetic parts for the truck & SUV market. We have 2 retail shops and are a wholesale distributor. We do car audio , alarms and such , but we are trying to keep it higher end. We carry Focal and Boston acoustics, K40 , Asanti wheels. Alot of forged wheels, so we do get the Mercedes and BMW's, but as far as tuning goes we havent gotten into it, although I think DH would like to head that direction(I know I would).