Car portraits

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  1. They come to good use so it is perfectly fine.
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  2. :smooch:
  3. Biletto is riding shotgun on her maiden voyage

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  4. Already putting my new-to-me Ebano Cervo zip around expandable tote to work! Playing nice with Peltro Medium Cabat.
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  5. I’ve been looking for a replacement for my well used Pacific nodini. Do you find this color versatile?
  6. yes, very!
    it goes with everything, the reds, the black, the blue/jeans, the browns
    very neutral, very easy to pair, thanks to its rather darker colour it will not show dirt/wear/denim transfer
    do you want to see it against any particular colour?
  7. Off to work with 2 x Nero with gunmetal details, my workhorse the large chain tote and my little chain purse. I should probably add a pop of colour to my BV collection, but somehow I always end up with the neutral colours.
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  8. 58E99CB9-5C78-4A1B-9518-35233E91D2CB.jpeg
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  9. What colour is your chain wallet please? Mine is Baccara Red. I got mine sometime in February and the boutique told me it was only available in red and blue (forgot which blue). I would have loved a grey one. Anyway I love it as it is just the right size! I haven’t been on TPF for a long time but I’ll try to post a pic!
  10. Chain wallet in Baccara Red. It’s really more of a small crossbody bag than a chain wallet as I can fit in quite a lot - cards, cash, sunglasses, lipstick and even my bulky car fob. I’m seriously thinking of getting another one in black or grey! IMG_2815.JPG
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  11. The light in the photo is playing tricks I’m afraid, it is not grey but Nero, black. I was actually choosing between the red and the black but ended up with the black one. Your Baccara red is gorgeous!
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  12. Thank you! I think your black one is gorgeous too and I might very well get one too!
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  13. :PI wonder how this Argento Ossidato pouch got in my car. I hope I’ve slipped to the bottom of the slope. C2AE5AA2-CD51-4E70-85A4-AC151151EA62.jpeg FE353AB4-4FA6-4E2B-B7B8-0500DD3695AD.jpeg
  14. The slope goes for miles and miles...nice choice, very pretty!
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  15. Thank you!