Car portraits

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  1. Thanks, but I seriously do spend a lot of time looking. More than I should really, it's a bit of an addiction :panic:
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  2. Cervo baseball hobo in Barolo :love:

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  3. Look at that intense color!
  4. Barolo in Cervo is certainly amazing! DH has a wallet in (I think) lambskin that is beautiful, but not as intense as this!
  5. :love: :heart: :hbeat:
  6. My fall sale bag. Really like the versatility of the biletto. [​IMG]
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  7. One of my Cyber week deals was one in Antique Silver, I have yet to wear it... Does it sit well against the body, considering it’s shape?
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  8. Very nice! Do you like it better than the Disco?
  9. Yes it does. It’s very light and easy to wear. I’m enjoying the goldstone hardware for a change.
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  10. Oh that’s tough! I have 3 discos so am obviously a big fan. I will need to carry this on more to really answer that question but I think it is a top contender.

    It holds about the same amount.
  11. That’s good to hear! I love the disco, but wasn’t sure about the “flat-ness” of this.
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  12. That's interesting; the fact that the capacity is similar to Disco. I had thought the biletto might be more spacious. Glad it is working out for you since I know the Pillow didn't.
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  13. Absolutely stunning!
  14. Gorgeous bag!
  15. Baseball Hobo in Electrique
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