Car portraits

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  1. First time carrying my new-to-me beauty today!

  2. Just beautiful! (Also, whenever I see these car portraits, I am struck by how clean everybody else's car is. :biggrin:)
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  3. Beautiful
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  4. Thank you!
  5. I laughed out loud when I read your post. I frequently eat butter croissants in my car when I’m drinking coffee. There are times I suspect there are enough crumbs on the floor, that if they were collected, someone could use them to make an additional croissant!
  6. Wheeeew! Amazing bag. How do you feel about mini cabat?
  7. I love it! Although I think a medium would work for me as well, especially since I’m ready to give up bringing a diaper bag. I need to consolidate into one bag!
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  8. I love it when you find a great deal and it turns out to be a perfect workhorse...
  9. and looks great, too! Black Beauty! :heart:
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  10. This is gorgeous! Wow!
  11. congrats on your new-in. I must say it looks amazing! Even better it turned out to be a workhorse!
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  12. Thanks, yup, I love those great deals!
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  13. You are so good at scoring deals!

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  14. Only because I live on-line and have no other life :lol:...
  15. Hahaha, nah. I'm sure that isn't the case. Don't be humble. Admit you are good at finding all the awesome deals.
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