Car lease

  1. I am looking to lease a car and would like to hear your opinion. The options for me are either to lease from a dealer or to take over someone's lease through website like Obvisouly, it would be chearper to take over someone else's lease. But Since I never done it before, I dont know if there are any disadvantage of doing this. Has anyone here tried it before?
  2. Never leased a car, I put too many miles on them to do that, but my mom leased her first Lexus and had no issues. She did it with the dealer though.
  3. I just leased my car...everything went very smoothly.

    Just make sure to pick a mileage limit that is high enough so you don't end up owing excess mileage fees in the end :smile:

    Good luck! What kind of car are you wanting to get?
  4. Did you lease through a dealer or take over someone else? I really want to ML (Benz suv). But it is a bit pricy unless i find a good deal taking over someone else's lease.

    Anyone know how much the lease is for ML currently? I also saw with Saks First, you get 1000 gift card if you buy/lease a benz. Anyone tried it before?
  5. My dealer recommended one of the lease swap sites to me when I thought I might have to get out of my lease early. I would google them and read what you find on blogs etc to get a list of things to look out for. I'm sure some people who swap out their leases would be doing it for perfectly logical reasons, and there must be other safe guards (inspections, service reports) you could check.

    There's a long thread about lease vs buy in the money section of the site.
  6. I bought mine through a dealer.

    A really good website to go to to get info is

    They have a section one leasing, too :smile: