Car breaks down = a lot of Celebs in the same car

  1. Ok, I thought this was funny.Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and Victoria Beckham all fit in the same car because the other car broke down!




  2. amongst them 5 they are worth Probably a billion LOL and they cant afford to hire another driver when a car breaks down? insane...
    how the hell are these group of people friends? I mean seriously, how odd.
  3. One pipe bomb...that's all it would've taken....

    just kidding!
  4. Wouldn't you think Vicky would sit in the front so the 2 couples could be in the back? That Marc Antony (eewww!!) must be almost on her lap.
  5. ^^^ thats what i think too... so funny... jlo sit in the front.. haeuhae
  6. Hahahaaaaa:nuts: That's rally funny! Those in the backseat are sooo squeezed. Poor Marc Anthony, he looks like he can't breath. But it's good that he and VB were there, because they're both so thin, so it's like one person sitting, not two.
  7. ^^^LOL, no wonder they can all fit in the back, Marc Anthony and VB makes one person.
  8. ahahahahahahahahaha! man... if there was a ever a car of people I'd like to just *poof* disappear...

    if only Lilo, Brit, Paris, N. Ritchie were in the trunk... then it'd be a dream!
  9. It looks like she's about to kiss the driver!
  10. :lol: They are just like us...
  11. I was about to say the same thing!:p
  12. VB looks like she has been sucking lemons :lol: .
  13. :shocked: :roflmfao:
  14. That is so cute!!!:nuts:
  15. lol, this is so funny. i never thought they will be squeezing together in the car. given their status n wealth, each couple should have their own limousines. imagine david come along too, no extra seat for him, lol.:roflmfao: j.lo's behind is big enough to fit only 1 special seat...:roflmfao: