Car Bomb found in Central London

  1. The world is just scary right now. On a personal note, we were supposed to be in London right now and staying at a hotel really near to there. We had to move our trip to October, but the sight of that arrow, and where that car was, made me shiver...
  2. Wow, seems like the car crashed into some bins about 2am and the driver got out and ran away. Bouncers from a near-by nightclub went to the car and saw the Propane cylinders attached to another device. The police are confirming that it was a big device and would have been very effective and devastating to the area.
  3. Yep, RowanOak, these sure are scary times.
  4. Also, an eye-witness has said that he saw a large number of nails on the floor of the car - which would maximise any casualties and damage.
  5. OMG... they always seem to plan things around certain dates. Is there significance to 29 June? Or I wonder if they were transporting it to be stored somewhere for another date? I know the anniversary of the tube bombings are coming up soon.... I also worry there is more than one they haven't found? All you Londoners- be safe today.
  6. Absolutely, Ladies & Gents, please, please stay safe.
  7. Umh..That's scary. :sad:
    I'm going to London next week..
  8. Oh my goodness!! How frightening! It's a scary world we live in now - and it's too bad that we have to share it with idiots like this!
  9. Pushing up for Londoners...
  10. CNN is reporting that 200 litres of petrol was found in the car....
  11. I think it´s always been a scary world, we just get information more nowsays because of the internet. London always seems the center of bombings, so frightening.

  12. They think it was suppose to coinside with Gordon Brown becoming Prime Minister.
  13. The threat of terror has returned to London after a car bomb was found in the heart of the capital. Bomb squad officers defused the "potentially viable" device after police investigated reports of a suspicious vehicle in the early hours.

    One police source said the bomb posed a real and substantial threat to the surrounding area, just yards from Piccadilly Circus, adding: "The indications that we have got so far are that it was certainly a big device."
    Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the incident was a reminder that Britain faced "a serious and continuous threat'' and the public "needed to be alert'' at all times.
    A witness reported seeing gas canisters being removed from the car, believed to be a silver Mercedes.
    A massive police cordon was thrown around The Haymarket in the heart of the capital's West End.
    Dozens of forensic officers are poring over the crime scene, which was covered by a blue plastic police tent.
    Scotland Yard said detectives from Counter Terrorism Command were investigating the potential bomb plot.
    One witness told Sky News that door staff at the nightclub Tiger, Tiger alerted police after the car was driven into bins on Thursday night and the driver ran off. The witness said the large silver saloon car was being driven "erratically" before the crash.

    Rush-hour commuters faced disruption as nearby Piccadilly Underground station was closed.

    The Haymarket is in the heart of London's theatreland and close to the popular shopping area of Regent Street.
  14. This is so scary.