Car accident---don't call insurance?!

  1. My mom is in FL and she just got into a car accident this afternoon. Someone rear ended her pretty bad. Well, she just called me and told me that the people who hit her told her NOT to call her insurance and that they can settle this without reporting it to the insurance. They said that they will call her tomorrow and figure out something and will pay for the damages on her S500.

    What is right for her to do?

    This is not my moms first accident and she's always contacted her insurance and had them do their job for her.

    Can someone please enlighten me so that I can advise my mom the best advice to do?

    I don't want her to get screwed over..

    Thanks in advance!

    My BMW got rearended..nothing bad....but the person wanted to settle out of his own ended up costing alot less to go thru insurance.Because it was under a thousand..THERE WAS NO increase in either premiums too......I dont trust strangers to pay .......Id go thru insurance...Cuz what if a year from now they say they hurt their neck..etc..Cover yer butt and go thru insurance.
  3. Did she fill out a police report? If so, it's best to contact her insurance.
  4. Call the insurance right away. What the other parties are doing is not right. Always a good idea to call the police when there is an accident no matter how minor. Also, a couple of years back I got hit when a car ran a red light making a left turn and hit my car. It was late at night so I waited until the morning to call my Insurance Company. the other party called their insurance and ended up telling their story first and it was all a lie. My insurance ended up taking their word and I had to pay my own deductible. I was very upset and changed insurance companies right away. You just never know what a stranger is going to do. Not all are trustoworthy.
  5. Yes..the police came & did a report.

    I will tell her to call her insurance!!!!
  6. don't delay. call insurance and the police for sure. you never know if you will ever see or hear from them again.
  7. WOW- the police won't even come out to an accident here in Houston. Only if someone needs to be hospitalized! Otherwise no reports are filed!!
  8. Insurance, definitely. Unfortunately going through insurance can be as big of a PITA as not going through... atleast it's a sort of safety net.
  9. Hi,
    I use to be a insurance adjuster and yes ur mother needs to report this if she is hurt and sometimes she wont realize this pain to her back or neck til ldays after but it happens! Does the other person have insurance? If they dont have wanna resolve this privately then there are a few things you need to do.

    -Find out exact price for damages
    -Find out if bodyshop has a courtesy car if not you will have to fiqure out car rental cost
    -Find out from your mother if she is injured
    Once you have all the costs then contact the person who hit her and let them know the price of the final bill.
    _If they want to settle then it is up to you then
    _Make sure all costs are calculated
    Hope this helps!
  10. rear ending is an accident that is not her fault
    she must report to the insurance for her own safety
    $500 covers nothing

    I was rear ended a few yrs was a bad accident. so bad that like 6 months later I needed knee surgery. had it not gone through the insurance company i would have had to pay out of my pocket about $20k in medical bills
  11. wow thanks so much for this info.

    I spoke to my mom again earlier today.

    She told me that she has a friend that knows of a mechanic shop that does good job, but is cheap. So he told her to go to another body shop & get the correct estimate and make those people pay her.

    She is convinced that NOT going to the insurance is a better idea b/c doing it on her own will be a quicker process.

    I keep telling her that she pays her insurance every month for a reason. But she tends to lean more to the other side of comtemplating if she should trust those people and take their word that they will pay her for all damages.

    Yes--the other party has insurance. I guess they don't want their insurance to go up?

    I'll check in with her tomorrow and ask her if they have called her back yet.

    It's pretty frustrating for me b/c she asks for my advice yet doesn't really want to listen.
  12. In some states it is ILLEGAL not to report an accident to your insurance if it's over a certain dollar amount. Also, in my state, for example, if a police report is taken, and the damage is over $500, it goes on your driving record REGARDLESS of whether you are at fault. When your insurance comes up for renewal, and the insurer runs your driving record, they then begin to ask questions. It's simply not worth foregoing the insurance reporting IMO....
  13. I will tell her to call her insurance. It got me angry that she would even consider NOT calling it in!!!!
  14. ITA.
  15. Always call insurance. Aren't you suppose to call the cops even for a fenderbender just so they can declare who was at fault for the accident? One of my friends got into a minor accident & didn't call the cops or insurance. A few weeks later she was slapped with a lawsuit by the other car for "whiplash" Since there was no proof or police report it ended up being a real mess.