Car accident 30 minutes ago.. :'( Ppl have no hearts.

  1. i just got into a car accident less than thirty minutes ago. i was on my way to go out with some friends (about 5 minutes from my house) and i got badly rearended, SO bad that there is fluid leaking from the car, the engine is effed up and made the most effed up noises ever when the crash occured, and the back of the car is basically in the front... the car KEPT GOING once it hit us. :'( it was a HUGE SUV and they SPED AWAY :'( we have absolutely NO info on them because i got flung forward and smashed my head on the dash (though i was wearing my seatbelt) and then smashed my head on my window (side window) [i messed up my BACK, my NECK and i have the weirdest hugest pressure in my head.. its sooo weird.. it feels like my brain is trying to get out and my eyes are sooo fuzzy!!! i am now lying in bed.] anyways we didnt get info because when this happened i burst out crying and my boyfriend turned to look at me and he held my head.. not getting any look at all of the mean SUV.

    we didnt stop suddenly at all... the driver simply just wasnt paying attn..

    i am now in loads of pain, the car is messed up, and the driver got off scott free..

    WHY DO PPL NOT HAVE HEARTS??? it was a busy street with LOTS of cars and NOBODY stopped not even to witness.!!!!

    i hope this made sense..
  2. Damn, did you call the Police and report a hit-and-run??

    Glad to hear that you and your SO are ok.
  3. First things first, did you go to the Emergency Room? Please make sure that you are both physically ok and report the incident to the authorities. Hope they catch this person!
  4. Barbie.Belle, I'm so sorry. Hugs~
    Hopefully, someone there wrote down the license plate of the other SUV.
    Praying that you & your boyfriend will be okay, please take care. Hugs~
  5. Sorry to hear about what happened. As amkur says, have you sought medical attention?
  6. And you're on the computer 30 minutes later? You need to go to the hospital and get and X ray of your body and head. Did someone call the police and atleast have them take a report of a hit and run? Sorry for the questions but I'm flabbergasted you can or even want to type right now. Hope you feel better and they catch the culprit.
  7. thanks everyone for being so nice, i wish one of you was there to be a witness. :sad:. my boyfriend is dealing with the car issues right now [does not even run properly, after 'just' a rearend like most people would say] he is getting a tow truck etc, while i cry away in bed.. and go on purseforum to make me happy in a totally weird way..

    we'll be heading to the hospital tomo morning if the pain does not go away.. but i hate hospitals and they take like 3 hours to get looked at and right now i just want to sleep

    my bf says not to because i might have a concussion, so thats another reason why im on here.. nerd much?
  8. im not lying about getting in a car accident :P
  9. Im so sorry,
    Im glad that you and your SO are doing ok. I really hope this gets resolved.:flowers:
  10. Oh my gosh!!! I am soo glad you and your boyfriend are ok! I don't think you should stay at home, I think you should've gone to the hospital right away! Call the police and file a report! I hope you get better!
  11. me too, thanks.. its so weird because we went to the auto mall yesterday and today to look at new cars for me... strange

    AND we witnessed a rearender and were thinking about stopping and witnessing, but when we saw both cars pull over together, we figured rearenders are 100% the 'hitters' fault so everything would be ok without us... we should've stopped anyways i guess.. karma
  12. Did I say that? Based on the above, as I stated and I'm reiterate that I'm surprised you can sit up and type right now and when it comes to your back, neck, and head, those should be tended to immediately. Extra time could be cruicial, especially if it's a concussion, which you've described. Seriously, if I thought you were lying I wouldn't tell you to go to the hospital ASAP.
  13. im lying in bed with my laptop as i always do..

    arr i hope its not a concussion though. the car was towed, my bfs on his way over i guess we'll head to the hospital but im a lame-ass.. im afraid of them.
  14. Don't be afraid...I've never had a head injury but I messed my back and knee up once. Same thing, I didn't go to the hospital and dealt with it. I'm paying for it years later (especially my back).
  15. I agree-PLEASE go to the ER. The ER operates on a triage system, so the people with the most serious conditions are first priority. Your situation sounds very serious, so I highly doubt you'd have to wait 3 hours to be seen. Also, even if you do have to wait hours, it's worth the wait, even if just to get medical clearance.