Capucines or Artsy? Help

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  1. I ordered a Capucines MM black which I have to return today if that's my decision.
    I also have an option on an aube Artsy empreinte. Can't have both but love both.
    Which would you choose and why?

  2. That depends. Both are great. I am leaning more towards capucines, but only if it fits your lifestyle and wardrobe. To me it is a stunning but formal mature classy bag. Not a bag one would carry wearing jeans and shirt IMO. :smile: Artsy is more dress down or up kinda bag to me. Good luck. :smile:
  3. def capucines. Artsy is a hobo type bag, more casual , do you have something similar? if u have a casual bag then i think Capucine is good to keep. the black one with a cute scarf will look divine.
  4. I have both. For me, capucine hands down. I can go casual or formal with it.
  5. Cappucine ..hands down ..
  6. Definitely capu! I have it in black and I carry it all the time with casual clothes like jeans. You can dress it up or down very easily with bandeaus and bag charms etc. It's just a perfect bag!
  7. hmmmm no help here - love both.....
    😜😃 probably depends on your lifestyle, wardrobe and curent collection of bags...:😊
  8. ^ this
  9. I agree with previous posters that it would depend on your lifestyle. I love the capu and was also an alternative option to getting an sc, but the sc was the winner for me. The capu was too uncomfortable as it lacked versatility in methods of carrying. Handheld only is never a good fit for me. BUT, it certainly is a beauty!
  10. Wholeheartedly agree! There are so many bags I love but just don't work for a busy mom of 4 so I only buy what fits into my lifestyle right now.
  11. Capucines for sure. I can wear it casually or formally depending on your outfits. Artsy is strictly casual. The workmanship on Capucines is amazing. Love it so much.
  12. capucines!the leather is superb!
  13. Capucines! Such an elegant bag.
  14. Capucines! no question
  15. Capucines! The leather is just way more luxurious than any emp leather.