Capucines cashmere/silk shawl

  1. Hello all,

    I'm looking for this scarf. I waited too long to buy it and now it's not available anymore. If you see it at your store, could you please let me know? :crybaby:

  2. Perja, sent you a PM about that. I didn't see any yesterday.
  3. I saw it just after I posted. Thank you for looking around Lucy!
  4. Perja, I'll let you know if I see it at my Hermes next week.
  5. Thanks GT! I have a lead on one so fingers crossed here!
  6. oh it is so pretty! Have you checked with the stores in Paris?
  7. Ayup. I'm on the DO CALL list in case it arrives at any store in Paris.
  8. ok. that is a good thing! It is beautiful!
  9. I love that one, looks great on! a back up, they pop -up at the N.Y.C. store all the time, and they do ship scarves. good luck:flowers:
  10. Thanks avan, I'll keep that in mind!
  11. Quick question ... Are these silk shawl warm?
  12. Yes, they are but not cloyingly so. Just perfect for summer nights or as a scarf in winter.
  13. One little complaint I have about the cashmere/silk shawls is that they have a pretty "loose" weave, which would probably snag easily. Luckily, however, I haven't snagged any of mine!
  14. I HAVE ONE!!!!

    Hermes online have been totally amazing. The SA I had on the phone said that she'd try to locate one and called me straight back to say that despite being out of stock, she'd managed to locate ONE MORE for me!

    After a little drama with my VISA Premier (golden piece of crap), it's winging its way express to me. It will arrive monday or tuesday. I simply cannot wait despite the fact that it's currently too hot to even consider clothes.

    I feel so lucky.

    I would like to thank every one of you ladies who has taken the time to look or PM me about availability at your local store. You're all darlings :flowers:

    Pictures as soon as it arrives!
  15. Congrats Perja! I LOVE these shawls!!!