Capucines BB

Apr 1, 2014
To those who own this bag, what are your thoughts? Pluses and minuses?
Would you buy it again? Is it a handy bag? Resale value ok?
I love it but havent used it yet because it is on the dressier side. Keep in mind that resale value stinks. I submitted a quote to yoogiscloset and fashionphile and they both quoted me around $2,000. Keep in mind, my bag is brand new. Needless to say that I am keeping my bag for that offer lol
Jun 16, 2010
i love the look of capucines and it is on the dressier side, also a little heavy on it's own imo and i own the capucines bb. gives a polished look but it does not hold it's value - almost nothing holds value these days. go for it if it sings to you
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