Capsule in Laurier - yes or no?

  1. Girls! I would appreciate feedback on this capsule satchel I found in the color Laurier.
    40% off.
    TIA, here is a photo the SA sent me.
  2. I just got mine in this color today and I love it! It's a deep green/teal color and it seems to go with everything. I was going to post photos later.
  3. Hey congratulations starbuxxx, I haven't seen it in person and just wasn't sure about the color.
    What color is the stitching?

  4. Very pretty color, so unusual. I can understand the attraction.
  5. I love the colour...its the perfect green and would probably go with a lot!
    How the leather on the bag?

    Love the colour green with the colour of the stitching and hardware...they really go together!

    but most importantly, how do you feel about it?

  6. Is this the answer to your Beata? Or did you keep her???

  7. starbuxx, how is the leather on your bag? Please post photos, I would love to see more of the bag and if you can, carrying it.
  8. Beautiful! I love the unusual color.
  9. The stitching is a light brown/tan and looks great with the green. This color is just amazing. I wouldn't call it hunter green due to the touch of teal in it. I've had three coworkers hold it up to three different outfits and it looked great with all of them. One of them had on khaki colored trousers and it was an awesome match. I'm wearing dark beige cords and a black sweater coat and it blends right in. I'm so excited to have a bag that's not black that matches so many things. I'll post photos tonight when I'm home.

  10. I have to say this is the one. I really like the Beata but LOVE this color and the capsule style. I still can't get the security tag off the Beata after going to Neimans. They don't use security tags so they couldn't help me. I am going back to NY for Christmas and can return it in person but have visions of setting off security at SFO airport all for a Chloe bag. The security tag has a flashing light and was beeping when I left my office building. I'm going to try and mail it back so I can avoid getting pulled aside and airport security thinking I have a bomb!

  11. How did the bag come to you? physically or in the mail? Shipping it back sounds like the wise solution. In this day and age with security at the airport, well... who needs it KWIM.:yucky:

    Congrats on both your bags they really are cool. I want modeling pics!!!!!!!!
  12. OOOoh I saw that exact one at the mall a couple days ago..

    EXQUISITE!!! congrats :smile: :smile: :smile: I'm so happy with my ivory one :smile: :smile:
  13. Love the color and the bag, I almost purchased the large tote in this color, described to me as a very dark green......but it was described over the phone and I couldn't quite grasp the color. I especially like the color of the topstitching with the green. Very Nice!!
  14. I tried my best with photos but the lighting in my apt. isn't the best. Here they are:



  15. IMG_0588.jpg

    Here's another one.