1. Model Caprice on suicide watch

    Tuesday, February 20, 2007
    Caprice was on suicide watch last night after taking a suspected drugs overdose.
    The 35-year-old model is said to be being treated in a London hospital after taking pain-killers, it was reported.
    It is not known if the drugs were taken deliberately or by accident. A hospital source told the Daily Mail: "Caprice was rushed in, in a terrible state.
    "Thankfully she is stable now, but clearly we're worried about her."
    A friend of the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant reportedly said: "Her personal and professional life have been in freefall in recent months.
    "The fame and family she so desperately craves have eluded her. She finds it very difficult being to all intents and purposes, a washed-up glamour model with so many much prettier and - more importantly - younger girls on the scene."
    Caprice Bourret became known in the 1990s as a Wonderbra model.
    But lately work started to dry up and she has appeared on a string of reality TV shows.
    In July last year she was banned from driving for 12 months for drink driving.
  2. wow, i remember her on surreal life. she is beatiful, this is hard to believe.
  3. My thoughts are with her!
  4. I saw her on surreal life as well, and she seemed so sell composed. My thoughts are with her as well.
  5. Oh no, I really like her. I hope she gets better soon
  6. Is that that blonde girl that was on the surreal life with Vern and Janet, etc?
  7. Yeah. A house member even suggested a lingerie fashion show with her lingerie!
  8. Yeah, I actually liked her. Hopefully she'll be okay. Sheesh, people take fame and Hollywood too is not life! or even real life for the most part.
  9. My bad. Caprice wasn't on The Surreal Life season with Verne.

    She was on the season with Bronson Pinchot, Omarosa, Janice Dickenson, Jose Conseco, Sandra Denton (Pepa from Salt 'n Pepa) and Carey Hart.
  10. ^Gotcha, still the same girl I'm thinking of.
  11. I don't really know her at all but how sad.
  12. I hope she finds the strength within her to make it through
  13. It is so sad when anyone believes that their looks are their life - even models. While it must be difficult to get older when one's life is modeling, it is crucial to have other, deeper supports in place. Many people are forced into retirement by age, though not always that young (models, athletes, pilots, police officers, etc.).

    I hope she has some very caring friends and family to help her through this journey and help her realize that she is beautiful and valuable whether she is on the runway or not.
  14. Source: Zimbio
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  15. We are only promised one life. Hopefully and I pray there is one after. I just don't understand suicide, no ones knows for sure what comes next if anything... There are babies dying from cancer, so I just lack sympathy for someone healthy taking their own life.