Caprice Unable To Use Celebrity Charm For DUI

  1. Caprice not recognised by copper

    Leggy supermodel Caprice reportedly failed in her attempt to use her celebrity charms on a police officer when she was pulled over for drink-driving.

    The lingerie model was confused when the policeman didn't realise who she was. When he asked for her name, she said 'Caprice' to which he inquired 'Caprice who?'.

    Caprice then failed a breathalyser test, before saying: 'Do you know what this will do to me? Am I really under arrest?'

    A court heard the statements after Caprice was arrested for drink driving last December in London. PC Paul Flashman, the arresting officer, told the court he did not recognise the superstar at first.

    He said: 'I could see a white female of scrawny build with bare shoulders in her late 30s wearing heavy make-up and she had a reddened spot in the right centre of her cheek.'

    He added: 'It did seem to annoy her somewhat that I didn't recognise her.'

    Caprice is currently being represented by Nick Freeman, a celebrity lawyer famous for getting several high-profile clients accused of driving offences off the hook.

  2. :roflmfao: Caprice who! lmao
  3. ive never heard of her.. lol.. what a egotistical piece of poop. haha
    good for the cop'per. mwahah.
  4. HAHAHAHHAHA. thats hilarious
  5. If she hadn't appeared on the show notorious for washed up/has beens, I wouldn't know who she was either!:lol:
    In fact, if I pulled her over, it's unlikely I'd have recognized her. . .
    anyway, why do some celebs think because they have a job that some people idolize them for gives them the right to break the law and get away w/ it?:rolleyes:

    It really irritates me!:rant:
  6. Hahahaha "scrawny build" !!

    What an unflattering decription he gave!
  7. lol, scrawny build, late 30s, heavy makeup - just what every model wants to be described as!

    serves her right for drunk driving.
  8. Hahaha.. oh well, that'll be a reminder that you can't always expect a star treatment !
  9. I have know idea who this woman is....:shrugs:
  10. LOL! very funny, i don't know who the heck is she too...
  11. Celebrity charm? I didn't know you can use celebrity charm if you are NOT a celebrity!!! I might try it next time I get pulled over!:nuts:
  12. Irene what are you talking about!? You sure are a celebrity...a PURSE FORUM CELEB! Yup Yup - I highly recommend you bring this to law enforcements attention if the need arrives.

    "Look at my fabulous bag. How could I possibly break the law?!" :supacool:

    :roflmfao: Okay its 6:32am I may just be off my rocker! :upsidedown:
  13. so yeah...Caprice who??
  14. Caprice was on the Surreal Life the same season Janice and Omarossa was on, and after living with them I'd drink too:roflmfao:

    Seriously-WTF is going on with celebs lately-its like a big ole kegger with no designated drivers!
  15. Caprice was on the show on VH1 - The Sureal Life. But I never knew who she was?