1. Hi - anyone know where i might find a Capri, also advice re size - is the smallest one too small??

  2. Hi, I have no idea where you mightn get one apart from watching eBay and resellers.
    I have a small one. Its pretty small but quite cute. It is good for cellphone, wallet and a bit of make up and keys. Good luck finding one.
  3. There is a small Capri (ebano) listed on Bonanza. I don't know if it is authentic or not, but you could have it authenticated.

  4. yes i have seen that one, it looks authentic, but i suppose you can never tell. I was looking at the measurements, is this bag just too small especially for an open top bag?
  5. I am not familiar with this size as I have not seen it in person. Depends on what you carry.
  6. I find it to be too small for an open top bag.
  7. I have the small Capri, and it is a truly small bag, in the classic sense of that word. I have yet to carry it (bought on sale from BV store in Hawaii over 2 years ago) because of it size and should really sell it but have not got to doing it yet. I like small bags but I like for them to fit over my shoulder, and this bag does not, unless you are tiny. I wear US size 6 (and occasionally 4) on top, so I am not a big person. If I were to do it all over again, I would have got the large Capri instead.