Capri Sac...would love some feedback and modeling pics.

Jun 9, 2007
I just ordered the ysl black patent capri sac and I have never seen the bag irl, so I would love some feedback on it. If anyone has modeling pics, that would be great too. I originally wanted the capri flap in black patent but have been unable to find it. I have the option to return this one if I don't like it. My only concern is the circular bottom. How does that look/lay on the shoulder?
I have heard ysl makes the best patent, so I am anxious to get it!! My first YSL. I had also considered the downtown in black patent but found this one at a great price.
May 23, 2006
Congrats on your bag. :smile: Yes, you will love YSL patent. It wears like iron but is soft to the touch. The Capri bag came out in 2007 and I think its been discontinued but several members here bought it. The round bottom slouches down when worn.

There are pics in the Reference Library:

Here are some old modeling pics I found: