Capri Muffler scarf..anyone?

  1. oh yo!
    I totally asked this question like last for capri muffler...I didn't get many responses though. Someone answer! I wanna know tooo! It does look awesomely cute...and they have nice colors too!
  2. I bought one at the 5th Ave store during my NYC trip a few months ago... they had mostly pastel colors (from summer), but I ended up narrowing it down to the grey or oyster colors, and finally chose the oyster - it's not quite beige, not quite cream, somewhere in between. One side is def darker than the other, but both sides are a nice, warm cozy color, perfect for winter. I bought it intending to wear around my neck, but I haven't had the guts to wear it yet (what's wrong with me).

    It isn't as long as the usual long scarves, so definitely be sure to try it on irl! I'll have to consider putting it on my Deauville. :smile:

  3. Ohhh thank you so much mangowife!

    Do you have pics of it? :tender:
  4. That's quite pretty!
  5. I'm going away for the weekend, but I'll post some pics up early next week... that might even inspire me to actually USE it! HA!

    Have a great weekend!
  6. thanks! can't wait to see pics:wlae:

    have a nice weekend too :heart:
  7. Here are some pics! Please excuse the creases and the weird lighting.

    First, the flash shows off the subtleties of the color (I think it's called Oyster):


    Without flash, darker side:


    Without flash, lighter side:


    On my Deauville:



  8. Hope these pics help give you a better idea of the scarf. It's cute, and I think the colors are very luxe! I bet the winter colors are in the stores now. Definitely go check it out in person, and I recommend calling ahead to see what colors your local boutique carry!
  9. Oh wow that is so beautiful!!!
  10. It´s gorgeous! Get any colour they all look hot to me.

  11. That is such a pretty scarf, really really pretty!! i want one!:love:
  12. very nice!
  13. WOWWWW! it's gorgeous! thanks mangowife:love:
    i want the same color! it looks amazing!
  14. I love that color :smile: Congrats!